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i-H2O Activation System

The GIA unit (shown to the left) utilizes Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) to turn ordinary (clumped or clustered water molecules) water into Single File Aligned (SFA) Water in only 30 minutes.

Shown to the left:

  • Single File Alignment Water activator (sitting atop pitcher)
  • Pitcher that holds 1/2 gallon of Single File Aligned water.
  • 25 Ounce glass drinking bottle
  • 3 Sprayer bottles (for spraying SFA water on skin)

The research behind the invention of this unit took more than a decade, following the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster in 1986 and the subsequent discovery of Single File Aligned Water.

The activator unit (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology - noise-field generator) that sits atop the pitcher (and requires electricity to work) emits subtle energy frequencies into the water below that reorganize the clustered or clumped water molecules into Single File Alignment.

The i-H2O Activator System will produce 14,400 pitchers of water (enough to last approximately 40 years when producing one pitcher (half gallon) of water per day. Of course, if you're like most people, you may soon be drinking more than one half gallon of SFA/ i-H2O (Single File Aligned) water. If you drink two gallons a day, the unit will last for about ten years .

The reason to drink i-H2O water (Single File Aligned Water)
is to be certain that one’s cells receive ample amounts
of Single File Aligned Water. This helps one feel better,
stay healthier and live longer... and it's especially
important for anyone over the age of 35.

the_bodys_many_cries_for_waterThe book to the left by Dr. Batmanghelidj, originally published in 1992, explains that the lack of water in the body is a significant negative factor in regard to chronic diseases. Dr. Batman (nickname) recounts case histories of people who increased their consumption of water with very beneficial results.

While completely on the right track about the importance of water, Dr. Batmanghelidj didn't realize that as people get older their bodies start to lose the ability to bring water into their cells. This deterioration in ability to bring water into cells makes it ever more difficult for older people to stay sufficiently hydrated, which is why everyone over the age of 35 should make it a point to drink Single File Aligned Water daily..

get-well-fast-by-drinking-more-waterReferences As To Why Increased Hydration is a Great Key to Improved Mental Function, Increased Longevity and Faster Health Recovery:

Cells Lose the Ability to Intake Water As They Age... Which is a Big Problem for Older People

The amount of “proof” coming from the scientific community as to the value of hydration is irrefutable.

At the same time, however, large numbers of people at all ages are living in a state of chronic dehydration, which adversely effects their health.

Hydration, however, in older people, is not just a matter of drinking more water because as we age, the body loses the ability to bring water into cells. The reason is that it takes time and energy to convert clumped water (virtually all natural water is clumped) into Single File Aligned Water that will pass through aqua-porins to go into a cell’s interior. This extra energy and conversion capacity is not always available as a person ages.

  • It is advisable, therefore, for older people to do something to assure that water goes through aquaporins.
  • It’s even advisable for young people to make such an effort since experiments show that many young people benefit from drinking Single File Aligned Water, indicating that even though younger people convert chaotic, clumped normal water to Single File Water better than older people, the efficiency in young people is still far from perfect.


  • Very few people would choose to live without washing machines, cars,  telephones, books and other forms of technology... because technology frees them to enjoy life more by being more efficient. Likewise, Single File Aligned Water brings greater efficiency to ensuring the flow of water into cells since the body doesn’t have to expend as much energy, converting normal drinking water into usable, Single File Aligned Water that can easily enter cells to:
    • Bring in nutrients
    • Carry out wastes
  • So, instead of moving to the mountains of Georgia Russia to drink naturally occurring Single File Aligned Water, we suggest getting a home i-H2O Activator (shown above), and making Single File Aligned Water at home.

Professional Testimonials About GIA’s i-H2O Single File Water Activation System:

  • ”Over the years, thousands of my patients have ’unbeknownst to them’ suffered from what we call UCD ’Unintentional Chronic Dehydration’.

    Since introducing them to the super-liquid GIA i-H2O System, they’ve experienced first-hand what superior hydration feels and looks like. The results with i-H2O have been beyond impressive.” —Dr. Veronique Chomniak
  • "The difference that I have seen when using the i-H20 with my patients  has been ‘ absolutely extraordinary.’  You really have to try it to believe what the i-H20 can do." —Dr. G.P., DDS, Kalispell, MT
  • i-H20 is a truly super-hydrating water - it, therefore, is one of the most effective anti-aging technologies available today." — Dr. H.W. Fisher, Anti-Aging Expert

Improving Cellular Hydration Despite Aging

A proper discussion of the topic of hydration and the many health benefits that hydration affords, must include a discussion on maintaining cellular hydration because as one ages... because as one ages:

  • one’s cellular hydration level will go down
    • unless something is done to ensure that chaotic, clumped, inter-tangled water molecules are turned into Single File Aligned Water molecules
    • so that the water molecules can pass into and through cellular aquaporins to to reach the cells’s interior
    • Consuming Single File Aligned Water

The way that the i-H2O activator makes Single File Water from normal tap or bottled water is by emitting a combination of electromagnetic frequencies that entices chaotic, clumped water to separate from other molecules into a single file of molecules that can easily enter into cellular aquaporins.single_file_aligned_water_small

Watch This Video To Learn About the i-H2O Unit

Or Listen to This Especially Informative Podcast About the Value of MRET produced Single File Aligned Water

The GIA Wellness i-H2O Unit Above Turns Clumped Chaotic Water into Single File Aligned Water at Home or Office.
It’s Fantastic!


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