Learn About the Discovery of Single File Aligned Water and MRET Technology For Making It In Your Kitchen!

Listen to Dr. Igor Smirnov as he explains the history of the discovery of Single File Aligned Water, which came about because of efforts by the Russian government to help those suffering with radiation poisoning after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (Dr. Smirnov graduated with his PhD the same year that the Chernobyl disaster occurred) and was involved in the studies that culminated in the creation MRET (i-H2O) technology for converting normal (tap or bottled) water into Single File Alignment.


History of i-H2O (MRET) Water



At Chernobyl Russia, the world's largest nuclear disaster prompts the Russian Government to create teams of scientists to try to help those suffering from Chernobyl radiation release.



Thousands of Russians located in a specific area of Russia are found to not suffer from radiation... eventually it was discovered that their immunity was  due to drinking Single File Aligned Water (originally called long chain water) from a specific aquifer.



Japanese scientists discover anti-aging properties of Single File Aligned Water



Dr. Smirnov perfects technology for creating Single File Aligned Water



U.S. Patent Awarded to Dr. Smirnov for MRET technology that forces ordinary water to become Single File Aligned Water



Nobel Prize awarded to Dr. Peter Agre for discovery that cells have “plumbing” that allows only Single File Water to enter human cells. This explains why Single File Aligned Water is important in for optimal hydration of cells.



i-H2O activation units begin to be sold in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



A 300 page, peer reviewed book entitled “Applied Biophysics of Activated  Water”, published by World Scientific validates Dr. Smirnov’s research.



The company GIA Wellness begins selling activation units and additional supplements based on i-H2O Water. Over 100 million dollars of sale threshold is reached.



Are you ready to apply this discovery to your life

Watch This Video Recounting the History of Mankind's Awareness of Single File Aligned Water


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