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The Importance of EMF Protection

In 1971, the U.S. Office of Naval Medical Research issued a report listing various types of health effects produced by exposures to microwave frequency electromagnetics fields (EMFs).

In it they listed over 100 different effects produced by low intensity, non-thermal exposures. These include:

  • 40 different neuropsychiatric effects, including changes in brain structure and function, changes in various types of psychological responses and changes in behavior
  • 8 different endocrine (hormonal) effects, including amino acid-based hormones and steroid hormones changes
  • Cardiac effects which influence the electrical control of the heart including changes in the ECGs and producing arrhythmias (which are often associated with sudden cardiac death)
  • Chromosome breaks and other changes in chromosome structure
  • Histological changes in the testes
  • Cell death – apoptosis, a process important in neuro-degenerative disease and a number of other diseases.

The Naval report also provided approximately 2,000 studies documenting the various non-thermal effects of these low intensity microwave frequencies (EMFs).

Since then, there have been dozens of other reviews that have documented non-thermal effects and thousands of specific studies.

  • Among the effects that have been repeatedly documented since 1971 include
  • Lowered male fertility (lowered sperm quality and fnnction)
  • Lowered female fertility
  • Reports of high levels of spontaneous abortion
  • Oxidative stress following exposure
  • Cellular DNA damage – single strand breaks and double strand breaks (cancer is likely to include this)
  • Tumor promotion-like effects
  • Widespread neuro-psychiatric effects including depression
  • Cataract formation
  • Breakdown of the blood/brain barrier
  • Melatonin depletion and sleep disruption

Despite all this evidence for non-thermal effects, our current safety guidelines/standards are all based on the assumption that only thermal effects need be of concern.

In 2015, an appeal to the UN and all member states was signed by 206 scientists from 40 countries. The appeal states that the current safety guidelines/standards are inadequate because they don’t take into consideration non-thermal effects. The 206 scientist signers all had published peer-reviewed scientific papers on biological effects of EMFs, collectively having published over 2,000 such papers.

With such a petition by eminent scientists, there should be no question that there is an international scientific consensus on the existence of non-thermal health effects.  The calculations of industry claiming that these EMF fields are not strong enough to do anything are off by a factor of sometimes 7.2 million (which means they allow us to be exposed to EMFs that are 7.2 million times too high). We know that ionizing radiation knocks electrons out and produces free radicals. There is a strong argument that microwaves are more dangerous than ionizing radiation (the opposite of what we’ve been told).

Other pathological effects in regard to attack on brain function and attack on the integrity of our genes include:

  1. Hypersensitivity
  2. Autism to a great extent is caused by EMF exposure.
  3. Neuropsychiatric effects.
  4. Sterility. Mice become sterile.
  5. Gene mutations
  6. Premature Alzheimer’s and early onset dementia, such as dementia at age 30.


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